mercredi 14 juillet 2010

Sourds de Goundam Ut4reed04

je fait creation video le film de la sante.
Parec que j'ai probleme en l'ordonnateur

dimanche 18 avril 2010

January 2011 Follow-Up Trip

We are planning a follow-up trip to Mali to strengthen what was started there and to encourage our collaborators. We have decided to blog about our plans, so that others can comment on and/or learn from what we are doing. The following are our notes from a meeting in the Miami airport following the CGIU 2010 meeting.

Whats the format? What do we want to do differently? Do we want to host another conference? Travel to the school sites? What do we change?
  • We want to focus on the cultural awareness of the deaf community
  • We need to invite hearing community members to learn about deafness and the health topics
  • Maybe we could have a Deaf US person talk to them and have Balla translate?
  • Action: follow up with contacts in UT Deaf/ASL community.
  • Go to other cities- student sin Bamako have many other privileges and opportunities: Deaf Olympics, NGO connections, longer estbalished...
  • We would need a larger team- BKO community to travel outside BKO. That's more expensive. We would have to pay for BKO counterparts
  • We also would have a lots of expenses by bringing people in (per diems, housing, food...)
  • Reason for the conference is to bring people together. CHanging the format makes the conference less sustainable- new format makes it harder to repeat.
  • If we travel with BKO partners they could repeat that model too, or make their own (ownership either way)
  • Collaboration @ the conference
  • Conference- deaf BKO folks talk about how THEY will engage the heairng people in their comunities
  • We need them to bring tech back to BKO and do more skillsets with it
  • YouTube won't work b/c not all have internet
  • mail is not an efficent system
  • Bring DVDs annually and share
  • Want to repeat the conference model and involve BKO team more so they have more examples
  • Need to teach fundraising
  • Want everyone to know why it's important- minimize number of people who just come for per diem- make sure this is useful for EVERYONE
  • work with BKO team to mkae their own CGIU committment
  • application to screen participatns
  • Not everyone is literate
  • Fund Ben and Balkissa to screen applciants at partner schools- 5 in each city? Create more accountability between partners- passing responsibility to Ben and Balkissa- pay to do?
  • Partner with UT orgs to fundraise
How long should the conference be?
  • Lizzy- starts a deaf project in Togo
  • UT students go to Mali following Summer
  • Togo contacts and Burkina Faso participants join Bamako students have a conference together in Bamako.

Structure of Conference
  • Can we certify participants for a particular skill within the time line of the conference?
  • Have participants pick certain "subject" (for ex: computer, community organization etc.). This way there are specific people with specific skills that they can then disseminate withing their community.
  • Each night the groups come up to the "stage" to announce their commitments for the next year.
Participant Screening
  • Balkissa, Aicha and Benjamin would travel to individual Deaf schools and talk to students, teachers, parents other people while travelling
  • Spend 2-3 days per school screening individual participatants
  • Kalilou screen - Tombouctou, Goundam, Keita
  • Balkissa - Bamako (Hippodrome, Niamakora) , Sikasso, Koutiala

When will the conference be?

  • Yes, we want a conference

  • We want to video blog again

The meeting ended quickly when they started boarding the plane. Please post comments!

dimanche 6 septembre 2009


je m appelle badra suis enseignant à l ecole des sourds de koutiala

vendredi 28 août 2009

kadiatou ballo

bonjour bintou konate je ai amie tres moi bien .tu es content avec moi .je te remercie que tu veux parler avce suis tres heureux avec m appelle kadiatou ballo . c est bonne sante.

jeudi 27 août 2009


Bonjour ,Nous sommes à E.D.A pour une formation en langue des signes sur les maladies.Vous pouvez nous contactez pour plus d'informations.Merci.


Bonjour messieurs
Nous sommes en formation à l'E.D.A et cela porte sur les maladies comme la méningite,la tuberculose,l'hépatite,le sida et le paludisme.Nous avons appris beaucoup de choses sur l'ordinateur,le filmage etc.Merci à l'équipe de Lizzy qui a dirigé la formation.
Apprentissage des techniques de la santé en langue des signes pour permettre aux sourds de connaitre les symptômes des différentes maladies.

Mr kalilou Diop

Good-morning all world suis heureux la formation pour la conference

le film de diakaridia