mardi 18 août 2009

Checking in

Hey everyone! I'm in the cyber at the end of our workshops and everything is going great! My group created an amazing video on sexuel abuse today. They're really into filming but editing takes a lot longer to get the hang of. The computer is something many of them have never worked with before, but some have email addresses and understand more quickly.

The REED team is an awesome group. We're exhausted every day but we accomplish so much. We've hardly seen any of Bamako but we know the school inside and out.

The food has been interesting... Abbie, Urmi, and Danielle are vegetarian and lunch was interesting. Everyone looks at them funny when they order just rice.

You want just sauce? You can't eat sauce without rice...

Yes I want rice but not meat

You are too skinny! You need to eat!

And then the waitress' baby screamed at us because we're not black. (Sometimes parents tell their children that the 'tubabus' will take them away and eat them.)

We've had a lot of fun. Urmi and I did laundry this morning and Abbie is off to her first homestay tonight at Balkissa's. Danielle seems like she made a lot of progress with her group today. Tomorrow should be just as exciting!

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