dimanche 16 août 2009

MSP Team Update

I think the general consensus here amongst the team is that it feels like we have been here a week, we have been running around today – non stop. We started the day with our clocks set 2 hours early, so Danielle and I were showered and ready to get started around what we thought was 8am when it was really 6am (we have it fixed now so no more 5:30am mornings).

Lizzy is finally feeling better today; however, Urmi came down with a fever today and slept all day. She is feeling better now but there really isn’t much time to recover with all the preparations that we still need to accomplish before Monday. We got some exciting news today; the local news is coming to film our opening ceremony on Monday morning. At the moment we are writing our fancy little speech about what we are doing here in Mali and how this conference will benefit the community. Getting EDA as well as the other Malian school representatives on the news will be great publicity for them.

We are all working so hard on practicing our language skills and organizing the behind the scenes parts of prepping the site and preparing ourselves and gracious volunteers to run a smooth and educational conference. On a happier and liter side note, Danielle, Urmi and I (Abbie) all were given Malian names today: Danielle-Mariam, Urmi-Nafi, and Abbie-Aicha. We got them from Balkissa’s younger sisters this evening while we were having dinner at her parents house. We are all so thankful to have Balkissa with us, her help and generosity is unmatched, she has gone above and beyond to help us in planning and executing our plans.

3 commentaires:

  1. To the Mali Signs Project Team,
    Glad you all got there safely and are slowly sdjusting to the new time zones.

    Bon chance et al. Look forward to hearing to your stories and triumphs.

    Avec amour de Granbury, Texas

  2. I didn't get to finish my previous message. Here goes with some help:

    Souvenez-vous que l'amour et la compassion sont estimés par d'autres les coeurs et ils sont vraiment vus selon vos actes et actions. À tous, la promenade avec Christ et vous serez vraiment heureux.

    Amour de Granbury, Texas (y MADRE)

  3. yeah, umm i don't speak french, but good luck abbie! and everyone else on the team. I hope this experience touches you and that Christ stays with you the entire time.

    I love you abbie!

    love, amelia